What is the richest country in Africa? Let’s bring the odd one out.

For the most part, acknowledged proportion of the standard of living is GDP per capita. This is a country’s GDP isolated by its populace. The GDP is the absolute yield of products and ventures created in a year by everybody inside the nation’s borders. It is, therefore, the standard method used to compare how poor or wealthy countries are in relation to each other.

With that being said Africa holds a few of the most miserable economies in the world. This means winners in the list of poorest countries in the world are mostly from Sub-Saharan Africa. Let’s dig down some of the details of the GDP of these African countries to bring out the Richest Country in Africa. Below is the list of some of the poorest economies from the African Continent,

CountryGDP per Capita (PPP) in USD
Democratic Republic of Congo8009501200
South Sudan1,6001,7802,040
Western Sahara2,5002,7503,100

We just picked a few countries those are at least known to people for some since many of the places in Africa are still undiscovered to other parts of the World. Winners in the list are not exactly winners, but you can call them emerging markets.

Now let’s look at the Richest Countries in the African Continent,

CountryGDP per Capita (PPP) in USD
Equatorial Guinea37,40040,10045,200

Source: CIA – Central Intelligence Agency

Being richest country in Africa, Equatorial Guinea is still not quite familiar to people as a travel destination, be it for leisure or adventure. Leaving Equatorial Guinea behind, Seychelles and Mauritius are few of the most desired locations for travelers.

Now for travelers, you may definitely call, Seychelles is the richest country in Africa. People are visiting more to Seychelles for leisure and definitely for a honeymoon as it seems quite a romantic destination with beaches and coral reefs all around. In fact, Seychelles is getting more popularity after the Maldives among newlywed couples.

The Richest Country in Africa, Seychelles is officially called the Republic of Seychelles. The country Seychelles comprises of 115 small islands, most of which are granitic and coralline. Capital of wealthiest country in Africa is Victoria, which is 930 miles in the east of Eastern Africa.

Today, Seychelles boasts the highest nominal per capita GDP in Africa, excluding the French regions. It is one of only a handful of countries in Africa with a high Human Development Index. It is also the only country in Africa which is classed as a high-income economy by the World Bank. Despite the country’s newfound economic prosperity, poverty remains widespread and one finds a high level of economic inequality, one of the highest in the world, and unequal wealth distribution among the populace, the upper and ruling class commanding a vast proportion of the country’s wealth.Wikipedia

Basic information about the richest country in Africa

Currency: Seychelles Rupee (SCR)

Population: 0.1 Million

Timezone: GMT (+4:00) , IST (-1:30)

Area: 459 km sq.

Capital: Victoria

Official Language: French, Seselwa, English

Country’s Calling Code: +248

Are you planning to visit the richest country in Africa? If yes, you may want to know,

What is the best time to visit Seychelles?

Seychelles is not the only richest country in Africa but also attracts travelers year-round. The Seychelles Islands have a humid tropical climate with warm weather throughout the year. May to October it’s dry season and December to February is Monsoon, so you can plan according to your mood for visiting the richest African country.

How to reach Seychelles?

Seychelles has two major airports: Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) in Victoria and Praslin Island Airport. Seychelles International Airport is the primary point of entry for international travelers. For now, the only way to reach Seychelles is via a flight.

Where to stay in Seychelles?

Seychelles is a destination that attracts luxury in itself. Most of the properties are luxury water villas, overwater bungalows or beach resorts. Lodges and guesthouses in Mahe are not recommended if you’re visiting such a luxury holiday destination and of course the richest country in Africa. 

Why Seychelles is on the bucket list of everyone?

Now you might be guessing it is the richest country in Africa, this is why one get attracted to Seychelles. I’d say this is definitely not correct, you must read below,

  1. People love beaches and there beauty: Seychelles comprises of 115 islands, beaches are all over in this place, but most famous are La Digue and Anse Lazio. La Digue a well-known honeymoon destination, offering visitors an extraordinary chance to drench themselves in the local cultures, relax and explore the surroundings. Pink sand of the beach and granite rock formations make it the most photographic spot for anyone. 
  2.  Seychelles have two UNESCO Sites: Aldabra Atoll is the second-largest coral atoll in the world; it is a World Heritage Site since 1982 and home to the largest population of Giant Tortoise in the world. Because of its remoteness and inaccessibility, it has remained virtually untouched by humans. Vallée de Mai, on the other hand, became a World Heritage Site in 1983. In the heart of the small island of Praslin, the reserve has the vestiges of a natural palm forest preserved in almost its original state. The famous coco de mer, from a palm-tree once believed to grow in the depths of the sea, is the largest seed in the plant kingdom

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